Instead of bashing in Christianity, let us know what you what you believe in and on?

There are many other religions, Islam religion, Hinduism, Judaism, Muslim, Atheisms that is not a religion or faith. If you can think of other religions discuss the also, I just want to know why you pick that particular religion and something for me to learn from what you say on it. Don't be shy, just let it all go, whatever faith or no faith you would like to talk about, I want to know and learn from what you have to say.


J.P. I respect your beliefs,

Jack D-it does matter to me that is why I asked,

Oshalia- good answer,

T Time- I love nature too,

Michael- it is true somehow religions divide people,

itmyfault-my sentiments also,

md1938-me too,

oianzinho-now that you found your peace find love for all,

Ryan g-silly girl to ask that ?,

chelsie t. thanx for correcting me and yes accept others beliefs,

stpolycar- amen,

Jenn-you have good beliefs,

smiley face-no bashing christians,

Aiw-I respect you views,

AK89-pantheist, a doctrine that equates God with the forces and laws of the universe,

god_of -as long as you are happy ok with me,

DuckPhup- Isee you have read the Bible good for you,

jess-karma is good,

Paganfire-I respect that.

deckape- to some, point well taken, A_HI_EZ_t-respecting others is the key,

Sommer, Iam a christian and the Lord is my saviour,

susta1951-thank you,

Jim L, thank you for sharing your beliefs.

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    I have been an atheist for as long as I can remember. About two years ago I gave religion an honest chance. I read and studied the Bible. I "talked" to God and asked for some kind of sign. I said that if He was there, that I was open and ready to accept him, and that I would like to believe in Him. I was sincere in this attempt.

    That was over two years ago. Today I am a stronger, more active atheist than I ever. I simply couldn't force myself to believe in something that I just don't believe in. Try it sometime. See if you can do it.

    Why do so many people think that atheists could believe in God if they only tried? Have you ever considered the fact that we are unable to feel any differently? For me, anyway, it's not a choice, it's simply who I am. No threats of hell, no promises of heaven have ever changed my mind. I am content to let it be.

  • Jim L
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    I think the Hebrew Bible (what Christian's call the Old Testament) are myths of the tribes of Israel. It was the oral tradition that bound those people together and was written down when semipermanent writing became available to them.

    This makes me an atheist in the eyes of the three major religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, that are all derived from the Hebrew Bible. However, I consider myself an agnostic to the greater question of whether this universe was somehow created by some supreme intelligent being that somehow exists outside of our spacetime.

    Unlike other atheists, I am fine with saying that I have "beliefs" that can't be proven. I distinguish those beliefs from "faith" because I know my beliefs are based on unproven hypotheses and are subject to change pending new evidence. A lot of my beliefs involve a level of trust in the scientific community and the scientific method. I read popular science books that describe the work of leading scientific experts in a field, but I don't take the time to go and independently verify their work. However, I know that these scientists have published papers describing their observations and experiments, that their work has been reviewed by their peers , and I know that I could go verify their work if I had sufficient time. This is why my belief is partly based on trust. Some theists say that this is faith, but I think there is a huge difference between religious faith and rational beliefs based upon reason and trust.

    I believe that humanity is going through something like puberty. Society as a whole is just developing enough awareness of who we are to realize that our world view is not adequate to explain our existence and our relationship to the universe. We have stories handed down to us that we believed in, and are now realizing these stories are fairy tales. Many of us are resisting becoming fully functional adults, and cling to the fairy tales. Meanwhile, some of us have been freed of these fairy tales and accept reality as it are working to learn more about reality. Our knowledge about technology, the universe, and ourselves, and especially our minds/brains is all increasing so rapidly that huge changes will happen over the next thirty years. These changes will cause huge problems if people are not able to outgrow their bronze age fears.

    That is what I believe.

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    You do know you have two topics and to say, the others have no true meaning to the gentiles, because you must remember Christianity was taught to almost all new born's for a very long time, and it not always picking on them it's there defiance in higher understanding. Most people with no faith or religion were once a christian, and its not that they are not good people, but they try hard to live in two worlds, on a fantasy and the other the cold reality that they to must bow to the society they live in once outside the church or home, you can not be loyal to both of them, tolerate them but loyalty to god can not be, if you choose to live in the real world,

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    Atheist; I don't 'believe' in anything. A belief is an idea of something without any evidence or basis. I think it's high time we as human beings grew up and stopped giving so much weight to beliefs. We gave up our invisible friends and fancies when maturing into adults; it's time for our society to do the same as a whole with religion.

    Stick to what we know and can prove, and don't 'believe' anything about what we can't. Giving up religion would give us a lot less reasons to be so divided as a species and a world.

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  • Anonymous
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    People bash on every belief, not just Christianity. I'm an agnostic Christian. I mean I kinda think God exists but I'm not saying he does since there is no proof. I'm open to anything that does or doesn't exist. By the way the Islam religion and being Muslim is the same thing. If you follow the Islam religion you are Muslim. I just think we should all just accept each others beliefs.

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    I'm a Wiccan. I chose Wicca because of the Goddess. A real Wiccan follows the Law of 3. Which tells us that whatever energies we send out in a spell we get back 3 times good or evil. This also teaches us to harm none including ourselves. I believe that if people followed these rules we would live in a more peaceful world because people would think twice before hurting someone else or another creature.

    Blessings to you for wanting to learn instead of bash!

    Source(s): Just what I believe.
  • Anonymous
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    o vicarious christian,

    I feel like there is no God, but i love nature and feel a vibe from it. I believe in mother earth if anything, that by respecting it and taking care of it we will live in harmony, religion i feel, makes people less considerate of what the penalties are of our current lifestyles on our earth's ecosystem. Religions use a God/Gods as a crutch, believers believe that their God will come back and fix it, or that Ragnarok will come or all these Armageddon prophecies that religions teach.

    What i'm saying is people think God will save us from ourselves, and that kind of thinking is hurting our planet and how it sustains life, when they think that God will come before we destroy the planet.

    it's a pretty big gamble that if God lives we are sortof invincible to a changing planet, but if he doesn't exist then we really need to focus on the health of our planet earth

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    I don't much care for the Non-Denominationalists because the way they talk and act they think they know everything. I believe what I believe, but I don't go around telling people that they're wrong. I am Roman Catholic, btw. Anyway, the RCC is very misunderstood. I go to a Non-Denom University (go figure), and the Catholic Student Club is putting on a Catholic Mass in Spanish. My friend (non-denom) is a Spanish Minor, and he's never been to a Catholic mass. He asked if we were going to be sacrificing lambs, WT Heck? Who EVER said that Catholics do that?

  • AiW
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    I am an atheist because i have examined, and continue to examine, all the evidences put forth for the existence of a god and none of them hold up to the least bit of scrutiny.

    I don't feel i have picked to be an atheist. I have just followed the truth where it has led.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Atheist. Because I see no evidence for a deity, free will, or an afterlife. So far, everything I've seen has seemed to follow perfectly describable rules, even if we don't quite know the exact description or formula.

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