can sumbody help me with this homework!?

i have to add adjectives,adverbs,adverb phrases, and prepositional phrases to each sentence.

1. The gate slammed.

2. The door was locked.

3. The plane landed.

4.The class was noisy.

I need help with these , i really dont understand all the adjectives and stuff.

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    An adverb says something about a verb (action); an adjective says something about a noun. For example: He ran home. ran is verb. How did he run? slowly, swiftly? So, He swiftly ran home. Or: There stood a woman (noun)...What kind of woman? There stood a beautiful woman (beautiful says something about the noun woman).

    1. The gate slammed shut (or slammed loudly).

    2. The door was tightly (or firmly) locked.

    3. The plane landed smoothly (how did it land).

    4. The class was loud and noisy. (Not sure about his one).

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    Here are some definitions and examples for you.

    An adjective describes a noun: big, crowded, red, rusty, etc.

    An adverb describes a verb (how you do something) noisily, smoothly, tightly, etc.

    A prepositional phrase begins with a preposition and usually ends with a noun or pronoun. A preposition is a word like "on", "in", "at", etc.

    Example: "on the fence". That could describe where the gate was, for example...

    An adverb phrase is a kind of prepositional phrase that modifies a verb (tells how or where something was DONE).

    Example: "on my finger", if modifying "slammed" in the first sentence! lol

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    adjectives describe nouns/pronouns

    adverbs describe verbs

    adverb phrae starts with a verb??

    prepositional phrase starts with a preposition

    The big gate made of iron slammed hard on my fingers.

    The wooden door was totally locked from the inside.

    The paper plane quietly landed on the table.

    The excited class was very noisy after lunch.

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    dude. do you not know how to write a sentence?

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