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Help with my Cocker Spaniel.?

My cocker has had some slight green discharge coming out of his right eye as well as what looks like a scratch on his cornea. Does anyone have any professional opinions as to what I can give him over the counter that may soothe his eye until I get him to the vet tomorrow? I would appreciate it so much....

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    Cocker Spaniels are prone to problems with their eyes.

    You could buy some Polysporin eyedrops over the counter.

    Make sure to remove any discharge witha warm damp cloth.

    If the infection does not start to improve in 4 days then you will have to bring the dog to a vet.

    Good Luck!!!

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    If you suspect a scratched cornea, be very cautious about any medication applied to the eye, I don't know of anything OTC that can be used. You can attempt to carefully remove the discharge from his eye, I know this may not provide any pain relief but it will help by keeping the discharge from hardening and possibly causing more irritation to the dog.

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    I am not sure abbout what you can get 'over the counter' but i wad stop him from scraching and wipe his face with a damp towel. good luch and i hope he gets better

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