can we evict this tenant?

Long story short...

My mom got a roommate last month.

1) She let him take her car to go buy at pair of pants at 8:00pm and didnt return until the next morning with two BS lies about what happened. After that she gave him his eviction notice which states he needs to be gone on the 9th of next month. We just found out from a co-worker he was too high to drive her car back home.

2) He claimed to be the head chef at a country club, but is just a line chef making half of what he claimed.

3) The manager at his work JUST called my mom and left a message for her to call back asap. She called him back and he said they fired the tenant for lying and is believed to be on drugs. The tenant lies and claims he quit.

4) A worker at the tenants now old job tells my mom he was spotted doing drugs in the park (meth or something)

She doesn't feel safe. Can we do immediate eviction?? We are in Arizona


There is a written lease. and a written eviction notice that says he must leave by the 9th of next month. I want him gone tonight though! I guess the only basis for eviction that I see would be if he threaten her or did drugs on the property?

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    Best to see a lawyer who is familiar with local laws.

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    If SC is comparable as NC, you may provide them 30 day's word to pass. then you definately've a sequence quantity of time to ensure the valuables and return the deposit much less upkeep/damages. it is approximately 30 days from pass out. you do not would desire to evict them till they violate the termination request. then you definately would desire to bypass by way of small claims courtroom to get the eviction. yet in all circumstances, shop nicely documented archives of the communication, despite if it skill qualified letters.

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    1 decade ago

    What does the written agreement say? Oh, you don't have one? Then you have to go to the statuatory laws of Arizona - and I recommend you use an attorney to protect yourself, it's not easy to get rid of someone just because they're doing drugs, unless it's on the property itself.

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    Yikes I'd be scared too. First since it seems that you have probable cause you might want to ask a police officer to run down any priors on him, there might be wants and warrants on him and your problem is solved. However you need to act under your state's Landlord Tenant act if the cops won't take it over.

    Here maybe in the law itself it addresses your situation.



    LANDLORD TENANT ACT: Chapter 22 here:

    Buena Suerte

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    You can't legally evict him on these grounds if you are accepting rent money from him. If he is not damaging your property or making the environment unsafe, I doubt it will hold up in court.

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    You can evict, but alert the police. It might be wise to have backup of some sort when evicting too.

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    You should have had a leaseing agreement on paper, if so READ what you wrote, if not, then do whatever the hell you want because he legally does not live there.

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    Is his name on the lease? Does your mom own the house that he lives in? Need more info

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    If your rental agreement says that you can terminate the contract at anytime, I don't see why you can't. Verbal contracts are binding to but harder to prove.

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