what is the definition of human inviorment/interaction?

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    Humans interact with the environment in many different ways. There are hunter/ gatherers in the South American Amazon and Papua New Guinea (in the south Pacific) who do not construct permanent settlements and who spend their lives hunting & fishing and gathering wild foods, as opposed to gardening or farming. There are nomads in the African Sahara and Kalahari deserts who move from place to place seasonally, following food sources. Others live in the far north, like the Lapp reindeer herders.

    In other places, permanent settlements without a lot of technology exist, such as vast areas of Latin America, Africa and parts of Asia. The settlements are permanent, the people farmers and pastoralists (animal keepers).

    In most of Europe and North America, people tend to live in large cities and work in ways that are not directly connected to their natural environment, though they are, of course, affected by it.

    People affect the environment at least as much the environment affects people. Air and water pollution are two direct results of modern technology affecting the natural environment, sometimes to the point of making the area unsuitable for continued human habitation (for example: Chernobyl or the area around the Caspian Sea).

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