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computer memory?

ive downloaded a lot of video off of bittorent

and now my computer memory is almost gone

where can i restore more memory

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    You are most likely low on harddrive space but if you have been running the program for awhile then the memory (resources) may also be low.

    in the first case with the harddrive you can either delete or save to a disk some of the movie files or buy and install a second harddrive.

    in the second case with the memory you can either shutdown the computer for a little while or you can buy and upgrade to more memory.

    also don't run other programs while running bittorent, it slows down the computer and the downloads and uses too many resources.

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    well you are not low on memory you are low on hard disk space... there is a big difference... in order to ask a more intelligent question in the future check out and look up memory/ram and hard drives... to answer your question DELETE SOME OF YOUR BOOTLEG VIDEOS! lol easy enough eh? burn em to discs or somthing.

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    Im not sure Try turning off your computer for a fe seconds or you might have to buy another disk.

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    I think your HDD. Do disk cleanup.

    for details

    for further computer help

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    i'm not sure if you mean memory or hard disc space... if you mean memory which make your computer faster... but one and plug it..

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