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What color of eyeshadow will bring out bluish green eyes?

My eyes tend to change everyday, one day there are more blue than green, and Vice Versa...if it matters I also have brown hair..

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    I'm at make up artist you should stick with earth tones- i also have the same eye color so i wear brown taupes and bronzy tones mostly with a hint of shimmer in them light browns on the lid and a darker tone in the crease hightlight the brow line with little sweep of gold shadow and a bit in the inner corners of your eyes to open them up!

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    Apply a thin line of Brown eyeliner very close to your upper lashes, and a touch of transparent white shimmery shadow right under the arch of your eyebrow and out.

    Bare in mind: Contrary to old or common thought, you are supposed to wear the opposite - so like dark eyes will look pretty with a blue shadow. Brown brings out light eyes. The method I told you will make your eyes POP.

    For an added special touch - before you do any of the above - dab tiny pinch of light concealer right by your inner corner of your eyes (near tearducts) and blend above and below your eye. when your are fihished with everything I said above apply mascara. This will let you look fresh and modern without a goopy heavy look

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    Brown with a green eyeliner- remember to layer your dhadow not just one brown -

    three different shades but none to dark.

    lightest from lid to brow bone

    medium from lashline to top of lid

    darkest along lashline and in corner if eye ( shadowing effect )

    then eyeliner on top lash line, maybe on the outside lower lashline like a car eye

    dark mascara and youll b done

    Two things to remember - Light purple does look good on everyone - and- do not match your eyeshadow with your outfit.

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    I found a really nice website that tells a lot about choosing colors of shadow, liner, applying makeup, etc. I hope it helps you.

    Here is what the site says about Blue/green eyes:

    What colour eye shadow suits blue eyes ? For Blue eyes the tried and true eye shadow colour is deep blue (a darker shade than your eye colour will make your eyes look really blue). Taupe, grey, violet, and purple are also eye shadow colours that suit blue eyes.

    "Edgy" eye shadow colour favorites for blue eyes include silver, turquoise, and fuchsia.

    What colour eye shadow suits green or hazel eyes ? For Green or Hazel eyes greens are your best eye shadow colour. To really brighten your eyes try a deep khaki or forest green. Brown, apricot, purple, and plum eye shadow will also enhance your eye colour.

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    i had this comparable question even nonetheless my cousin helped me out! there is a watch shadow kit from almay which you pick for in accordance to eye shade. the attention shadow became into cheap and got here with 3 layers of shade inclusive of a bronze/brown shade on the backside of the attention lid then a deep pink interior the creese of the eyelid and then a mild pink you prepare good above the attention lid. sorry if this wasnt defined ok yet i desire it helps! (the classes are clearer interior the kit)

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    where light green and blue shades. Not over done so you look like a clown, but suttle and it looks pretty. Match your clothes to it helps bring your eyes out as well

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    Coppery browns! Every time I wear these colors, people notice my eyes and ask me to stop so they can look at my "beautiful eyes", not the makeup!

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    people sometimes don't know what eye shadow color to pick,and you still want the color be naturral,so just put the color that matches you skin tone!.like put the tone first alover,but lightly,then a dark spear,of dark eyeshadow!that is maybe dark borwn!

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    I have greenish-blue eyes and brown hair. I always come back to lavender!

    Source(s): My years of trying different colors!
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    ok take 3 different shades of brown lite med and dark put the lite all over your eye lid then put the med in the midel then put the dark on bottem

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