Some body else has my social security number?

maybe I am stupid, I let my friend use my ssn, so he can work.

he made around 2000$ / month.

Recently i Start to worry that this is gonna cause me some trouble.

such as when i apply for financial aid, this might get in my way....

wat if he doesnt file tax....

anybody can tell me what the worst situation?

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    It's going to at LEAST cause your friend problems down the road. I don't know how long ago you did this, but most employers today verify social security #'s. Sometimes companies take several months to do this, but, once your friend's employer tries to verify the card your friend is using, it's going to alert your friend's employer that the card doesn't belong to him - and they will fire him.

    You have to be very, very careful with your social security #. It can be used against people in so many ways!

    I'm not sure what you mean about "what if he doesn't file tax...". Are you talking about your friend filing his tax return using YOUR social security #??? Trust me, you absolutely DO NOT want to get on the wrong side of the IRS.

    I think you need to contact an attorney about this one. Whatever damage has been done here, you definately need to take the legal steps to undo the damage.

    I'm sure you were just trying to help, but you need to learn to think things through before you help people. Social security numbers are nothing to play around with. Don't just drop this problem. If you do, I can guarantee you it will come back to haunt you.

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    Well, you and your friend could be prosecuted under federal fraud laws with the Federal Trade Commission if you get caught.

    At the very least you are responsible for the taxes on your friend's earned income. You should work with him to make sure he pays those taxes.

    And, yes, you will have to report this income if you're applying for financial aid. It will likely affect your eligibility.

    I recommend that your friend stops using your SS#.

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    ok, first of all this is not the place to ask such a question. you could really get into trouble. if your friend cannot claim taxes in your have to do that and if you didn't then the IRS is going to be after you. you need to stop your friend from working in your name and claim your taxes. o yeah......don't ask a question like this on a public website like this. what u r doing is illegal and again u could really get into trouble. if u r not a citizen u could get sent home to ur native country.

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    Congratulations! YOU and your friend committed fraud! Hope you come up with a nifty excuse for the IRS. Here's your sign!

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    You can't be serious.

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