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I need some help. I need the html code to build an auction template. I cant find it anywhere on the net.?

In more detail. I have been trying to learn for the last 6 months how to build website templates, auction templates, web banners, etc. I have found some sites on it, but it might as well have been written in alien for all that I understood it. I understand I need a code to build the auction template. Do I need a code to build the website templates to? How do I make banners. Some told me something about having to buy a graphics program like PSP, but they are way out of my budget. Are there any free graphic programs I can use? And how do I use them? I honestly, have no clue about this stuff. I love to learn new things and thought this would be wonderfully interesting to learn, but I am beyond frustrated 6 months later. Can any one give me the codes and advice I need? I have tried some free auction templates and banner makers I found on the net, but they just dont do all that I need them to do. Thanks so much for any help

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    Okay people are going to be seriously confused by this question. I think what you are trying to do is attempt to build a cheap website and your looking for free resources?

    First off if you do not understand HTML/CSS/XHTML your going to have a hard time putting anything on a page much less building a template. If you are wanting to learn I would suggest picking up a few books from Search web design. Look for something for beginners.

    Second you need a graphics program to make banners. Cheap ones will cost you but you can look for open source crap. Still some of the best on the market are fireworks and Photoshop CS.

    If your looking for someone to walk you through it goto I am a computer consultant.

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    Patrick is totally on point! :) I was where you are, about 6 years ago, so I enrolled at the Art Institute.

    Your idea seems, perhaps, overly ambitious.

    A program called GIFBuilder might be a suitable 'free' solution for graphics.

    For free page building, any text editor will do - but you'll need to learn how to code. Using your browser, you can R-Click on any web page to view the source code to help begin with your experimentation. Note - more sites are now using CSS and you may not be able to access the meat and potatos, as they are located in a CSS file, and not necessarily in the HTML itself. So, start by looking at the code for simpler sites, not super-designer turbo sites. :)

    Once your text (.txt) file is properly formatted with HTML or whatever, simply save it as a .HTM file and it will open in your browser.

    Start by learning how to format text, using headers, creating hyper-links. Than, learn how to insert graphics, create tables and cells. Try to avoid using frames, and, with regard to tables, many designers are now focusing on table-less design using only CSS.

    I learned using Dreamweaver. It uses a code/GUI interface, allowing you learn and/or develop in either environment.

    HTML for Dummies is a great place to start. Also, a printer will help, so you can keep hard-copy records of your learning process.

    Get yourself a domain name, perhaps through Yahoo. And some web space, maybe or something. And, you'll need an FTP program to transfer your files.

    Start small, and again, if you intend to produce commercial content you will need to learn to code. If you think it's complicated now, just wait...

    The web is definetley one of those areas where the saying "The further you go, the less you know" really applies. We haven't even begun to consider web technologies, such as ASP.................

    Good Luck :)

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    Lee hit the nail on the top. coming up an internet site is lots diverse than coming up a communicate board, that's what you have presented as your examples. boards use not basically HTML and CSS, yet additionally own dwelling house page and Javascript, between different issues. HTML and CSS are used to create seen issues, like the colours and the exterior of the communicate board, and the own dwelling house page and different scripting languages make the communicate board artwork good. base line is you may make an internet site that looks like those with basically HTML and CSS, yet with the intention to make a functioning communicate board that WORKS like those, you in addition to could prefer huge understanding of own dwelling house page, in all probability Javascript, and greater suitable than possibly sq. might additionally be required. As on your different questions, I continually use Notepad++, that's a unfastened software (Google it). Then, I open up a browser with the website I stored open. with the intention to work out the end results of a sparkling little bit of code, I only refresh the close by web site. having reported that, you may continually get a software inclusive of Dreamweaver that helps a chop up interface, permitting code on suited and a WYSIWYG (What you spot is what you get) editor on the backside. notwithstanding, in case you be attentive to code, they're fairly lots ineffective and don't artwork besides as you will possibly think of. to not point out costly.

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