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what is a website for kid book summaries?

my son has a book to read and it is to hard for him to read it. do you know any websites for kid book summaries?

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    What kind of kids book is it? Is it a chapter book or much shorter? My mom used to read books to me when I was a kid because I was a bad reader. If it's short then read it to him or have him read it to you. If he's in middle school or something then just google the book title. You should probably find a summary on it somewhere.

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    Rather than finding the easy way out, try sitting down with your son and help him read it. Is he having trouble with actually reading, or comprehension?

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    There are several sites to look into, (allows you to look-up the book title, then search several other sites,,,, it would really help to search madnotes first, it has a link to most of the other sites. Hope this helps!

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    this isn't what parents are supposed to do...

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