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Is there a way to actually...?

make friends with just anyone inside your class?? Because one of my friends have been talking to lots of people in his class but he never talks to them ever again after the semester is over. How do I know that person do not want to be friends with me in the 1st place? and why wouldn't they want to make friends with me in the 1st place? Is it that they do not like me? why don't they like me? They never talked to me before. I just want to make friends with new people (ones that I can hang around with in the weekend ish). What did you do to make people that is new to you to become your friend friend?

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    hey i don't get ur queistion that much, but ill try to answer what i think u asked! So u want to no if , u can find out if someones not gonna be ur friend?Then just ask if u can hang out after school, maybe go to the mall, or have a study class thing at ur house! If u really get to no them, u can maybe be better friends, and stay friends!!

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