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Dachshund question?

Our long-haired dachshund constantly LICKS herself.I think its normal,my wife says she might have allergies. Any dachshund owners have this problem with their weiner? She mostly licks her paws,butt,and feet.

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    Paws, butt and feet - allergies. The butt, well, that's just natural "dogs sniff butt" tendencies, but the paws and the feet, definitely allergies if it's a constant thing. Take her to the vet and make sure to bathe her regularly.

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    You need to ask yourself:

    1) Is this NEW? (ie has she always licked or is it recent?)

    2) WHEN does she do it (ie after coming in from outside?) and

    3) What does the skin look like where she's licking?

    Dogs do lick their bums (because they can, I reckon!) but if she is licking the same spot over and over, and it's red or scaly then she could have allergies. When you tell her to stop, does she go back to licking the same spot again?

    Is she prone to ear infections? (if you're not sure, take a good sniff inside both ears - if one smells bad, you need to get to the vet). Chronic ear infections are common in Doxies and could also signal skin problems / allergies

    We have an 8-yo long-haired dachshund too. He also licks himself, sometimes / some places more than others... He has a FLEA ALLERGY so when he gets fleas it's horrible, he sometimes needs cortisone shots. He also breaks out in a rash with certain types of canned food (have you changed her food recently?). Once we found the right food, we've stuck with it for years.

    Also if your dog has walked on grass that has been sprayed, she could be reacting to pesticides or something similar.

    It's also possible that her nails are too long (the pain would cause her to lick her paws) or she needs to have her anal glands done (the vet could do both).

    If you don't want to spend $$ on the vet immediately, I would suggest going to your local pet shop and finding a soothing shampoo to try on her, especially for irritated skin. We have found a good one here in Australia, just look thru the shampoos and purchase one that best suits your dog's symptoms

    Good luck!!

    Source(s): Dachshund owner and my husband is a veterinarian!
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    i don't have a dachshund but my papillon does that sometime at night.

    i think it's a habit, or nervous thing, or ritual. like my boy also likes to stratch at the blankets and circle 10x before he goes to bed.

    if there is hair loss, or redness or swelling, see vet.

    otherwise it's ok.

    also i used to have a bichon that would lick her paws until they became infected & we'd have to soak them; so if your doggie is not limping around, i think you're good.

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    My dachshund does that too. We took her to the vet and allergies were ruled out. It's just something she does when she's happy, like grooming.

    Source(s): Sandee, my dachshund.
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    some dogs are just lickers, try giving them a bath, and if your still worried carry them to the vet, thats what they are for

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    sounds normal; biting and scratching are more indicative of allergy or allergic dermatitis.

    Source(s): former mother of miniature schnauzer with fleas and allergic dermatitis.
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    all dogs lick themselves what are you worried about

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