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how to study well after a long gap?

how to study well after a gap of 5 years and long sickness

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    Hi Pardner,,, i went to Grad school,,, after being out for about 10 yrs... i found it was easier,, the longer I spent studying,,,,, at first I was terrified... but after a few classes you know what to do and how to having a little age on you helps...... your less likely to be studying Anatomy.....

    good luck you can do it......

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    Well if you are bored with your studies and your having so much fun over the long gap to when you come back to it you cannot reconnect, then you most likely will not fit for that job or career and plus if you cannot even put your studies first to where there is no fun over the long gap then you should not be in school but instead try a different solution like or even try a different school- meaning a public school or a charter school or even a military school or some other than that.

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    I found that reading texts that I could remember better by writing long hand notes of importance from the text. Most times I never even re read my notes. Maybe worth a try.

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    My friend started college 2 years ago to be a Doctor. She's 45 and never been in college before now. Just do it!!

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    Just think of it as a job. You want to excel in this job so you can get noticed and possibly a promotion. Same concept was want to do well so you can get paid more. I know it is not fun..but start reading something that interest you and slowly move on to have to get used to reading text book in order for you to succeed.

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