what is a home remedy for an ingrown toenail?

The cuticle around the nail has become infected...red and swollen looking.I'm already soaking in epson salts.

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    The best Ingrown toenail cure I have found is at bedtime, put a slim wedge of lemon on the problem toenail,keeping it in place with a Band-Aid and covering it with a sock. Sleep that way, and by morning the lemon should have softened the nail enough to ease it away from the skin so you can trim it. Cut the nail straight across, not down at the sides, and not shorter then your toe.

    (Repeat as needed)

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    Use cuticle nippers to cut straight down the side of the toe nail just inside the edge of the skin and remove the part of the nail that is imbedded in the skin. This may be painful, but it works and what a relief after the imbedded nail is removed. After that, don't cut the toenail too short or it will happen again. Also, if you take an emery board and thin out the center of your toenail near the tip, as one of the previous answers suggest, your toenail will be thinner and softer in that area, so that the nail is not forced outward (width-wise) into your tender skin.

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    I have in grown toe nail on both my big toes and I can tell you that the only way too make sure they do not get infected and do not hurt is to let them grow! I did not find this out until I was in my 30's, years of bleeding and soreness all for nothing. Now I let them grow to the top of my toe (maybe a millimeter more) and they do not hurt at all.

    For the immediate - soaking may help the infection if you have one but you really want the skin to harden so get it out of the water. Try for the next few days to have bare feet as long as possible.

    Good luck!

    A fellow sufferer!

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    You are doing the right thing by soaking in Epsom salts. They will draw infection out. Soak as long as you have to in order to get rid of all the infection. Then do as another person mentioned, when the nail grows out, cut a V in it and no more ingrown toenails.

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    This worked for me

    1) grow the nail out so there is white at the tip

    2) in the middle of the white part that has grown out, cut a "V" shape, the nail will naturally grow inward toward it, making it become UNingrown!

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    Try to get some cotton (piece of a cotton ball) underneath the corner of the nail. Leave it there so that the nail stays "out." Sometimes it's too far gone to do this to.

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    might wanna ask up at webmd

    best of luck to ya

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    i just cut around it till i get it cut out completely

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