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What is the funniest thing you ever did?

The funniest thing i have ever done was when i was at my mom's job and the guy wasn't paying attention to me and i started doing dance moves and funny faces and popping and all that and it was funny then he didnt see me but i did this jazz move and he saw me i was like OMG Lol!

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    the funniest thing i ever did was drink gun powder sallow 2 bullets eat a cahlupa lay on my back naked fart and drop a deer form 150 yards away, do you believe that

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    I do a lot of funny stuff, i don't even remember all.

    Couple days ago we found a baby mouse at work, and my superviser is very much afraid of mice. I just put the baby mouse into a cup with the intention to let it go somewhere into a safe place, and when the lady asked me where the mouse was, i said it is in my pocket. There was just my cell phone, but she could not see it and she nearly fainted.

    I once also made a picture of my friend in photoshop where he is hugging a big girl in a low cut dress. I did it so realistic and ordered the picture. He said he could not believe his eyes, and was terrified. I felt so bad for him.

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    stuck a whole baked potato on a coworkers antenna on my way out to my car after work-so it like bent the antenna and kinda dangled there

    it was just this stupid, funny random thing to do- i dont even remeber why i did it

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    i was working in the psychiatric facility and i thought i blocked my co-worker in the bathroom (joke) but it was actually the president of the company. when i let him out i looked at him and told him i was going to my room!

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    a clown

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