I like a guy who has a girlfriend but he flirts with me more than her so does he like me? sould i ask him?

he flirts with me smiles at me makes fun of me and alot of other flirting things i just can seem to see if he likes me or his girlfriend plus he flirts me more than ANYBODY! so what should i do? email me or answer my question:)

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    Sometimes the direct approach is best, just ask. But if that seems too bold for your liking, look for the following signs. Pay attention to your conversations with the person in question.

    1) Does this person show a special interest in having a conversation with you and, once started, make an effort to keep that conversation going?

    2) Has this person taken a sudden interest in your life and hobbies? This is a sure sign that he or she is interested in something.

    3) Other elements of body language include frequent eye contact, holding your gaze and looking down before looking away.

    4) Does the person you're wondering about just plain smile at you a lot?

    Just remember, take each moment like it will be the last. This I feel will be a good start for you in knowing. Good Luck!!!!!!!

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    If you want to be the girlfriend of a guy who likes to flirt with other women, this guy would be a good catch for you....until he goes off with one of these other girls who think it would be cool to take him from you.

    Yeh, this guy sounds like a real catch.

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    he might like you, but, most likely he is just playing with you in case you decide to play along on the side....

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    guys flirt..just because he's flirting doesn't mean he wants you. he has a girlfriend

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    TRUST ME he doesnt like you...HE'S A GUY!!

    guys flurt with anything that breathes...

    trust me....from experience. he's not into you.

    just whatever u do...dont do anything with him

    you'll just end up gettin hurt :(

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