someone with creative juices...?

we're doing this project in biology on some book about forensic stuff (its called hidden evidence by David Owen btw)>...and she wants us to design a project that demonstrates our knowledge and understanding of some topics....but i can't do a power point, videotape, website, or typed reasearch-style paper or a poster...........that like leave me with nothing!

if you have any ideas on a creative way to present a project pleassse tell me

btw this isnt an oral presentation


once again THIS IS NOT AN ORAL PRESENTATION...and i can't do a poster so that crosses out a diagram.....

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    You're doing a project on a book about forensic "stuff," Book title "Hidden Evidence" by David Owen. Have you read the book? You really need to read the book to get a feel on what kind of project you want to do. In other words, your teacher wants you to design a proect that "demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of "some topics"?? But what topics?

    For a start you can go to


    Type in: Find "Hidden Evidence" by David Owen

    Hit the "Search" key

    You will be bringing up a list of sites reference his book

    Click: the Fourth site (the para that is indented):which is

    "Amazon,com.Hidden Evidence: Forty true crimes and how forensic...."

    Click that site.

    Scroll down to "Editorial Reviews From Publishers Weekly.

    Read. Then read the following para "From Booklist."

    Now you have some idea of what the book is about. It will be up to you to look further, reference which "topic" you want to design which has to be something Owen has written about. For instance, you can compare blood evidence gathering 50 years ago to DNA of today.

    It will require more research of course, but you'll be learning something also.

    Whatever you decide, after you pick a subject out of Owen's book, just remember that whatever question you ask here, you can usually find an answer to by going once again to "Google" and typing in your question. IF you decide to do a comparison as suggested above, you can pose a question re modern day DNA techniques, as opposed to using blood evidence under more crude and unreliable testing which was all that was available some 50 years ago.

    Good luck.

    (If you have time, try to buy the book and read it.) Your peoject will seem far easier.

    (Creativity? search for pix of say, a scientist doing some kind of forensics work (in a magazine or book) If you decide on DNA, there are many many articles on that subject.and many pictures also. For DNA simply go to Google again, type in "Search for DNA," bring up list, Click first site ("The Search for DNA - the Birth of Molecular Biology"

    and continue your research)

    Good luck again

    Source(s): Just giving a bit of start up info
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    If the tale is for a category and that i have no idea, a due date receives my resourceful juices flowing LOL "oh crap that's due day after today, unexpectedly i'm inspired." in the different case, even as writing for relaxing, i have been having fairly some author's block at the moment. It helps to examine different peoples' works. each and every so often that evokes you or kicks some thing free on your head and also you sense like writing. aims might want to be inspiring too. *Edit I accept as true with the person lower than me. it is also very useful (or might want to be) to maintain a small computer with you in any respect cases so that you'll be able to jot down random issues that pop into your head immediately (earlier they disappear) so that you'll be able to bypass again and strengthen them into some thing later...properly suggested, animefangirl

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    Do you like to act? You should take some topics from the book and act them in front of the class in a series of real life scenerios - kind of like a play, really. But that may be a little too creative! lol.

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    Could you do a model or a diarama or something? Something physical that she could look at and pick up? It seems like that might be the only option left... or maybe some pieces of created "evidence" with notecards telling what evidence you might find on them (for example, a knife with notes about fingerprints and blood).

    Source(s): never heard of this book, but after looking at it on-line I think I'm going to have to get it! It looks really interesting.
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    I looked up the book.

    It says something about using drawings, diagrams, and photographs.

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    Being male i have natural creative juices - just not the kind your lookin for. chuckles

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    Why don`t you do a board game? Like for example .. CandyLand, and etc.

  • 1 decade ago

    make a game

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