Do you think this guy likes me? (actually 2)?

1. i'm a freshman and i know this guy for about 5 yrs. one day my friend all of the sudden told him (as a joke) that i liked him, and he was all sarcastic and being cool about it at the same time (heh i'd be considered a dork to him-he's a football player :P). now, he always looks at me in a...different way...and talks to me in less words...

2. another guy who 's in my math class. he sits across from me about 5 ft away facing the board. i face him and when i look up often i see him looking at me..and he smiles at me a lot...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. not sure. either he doesn't want you to think there is more than there is, OR, he honestly doesn't know how to talk to you now that he knows.

    2. i think he's digging you. ask him out. :)

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