best friend problem?

I have some problems with my best friend. I m not sure if i should talk to her about them or not cause I feel that they might freak her out and make her think i am obsessive or something and ruin our friendship. Well anyway her are the problmes.

1. I get really jealious when she is with or talks about her other friends (and i think its cause i have never really had a REAL best friend and now that i have found one i done want something to happen with our friendship like just drift apart like with most of my other ones.) and its not like she ignores me when shes with her other friends it just really really bugs me.

2. Somethims i get mad at her for a really stupid reason or just for no reason at all


3. I can never tell if we are best friends or not and this really bugs me. Its like sometimes it seems like we are and she will be like 'thanks for everything' and will tell me things she wont tell her other friends but there are times where i dont know if we are best friends or not and is like always mentioning her friend and it makes me think that those two are best friends

my friendship with her is really really important to me cause she has been a really good friend other then everything i just said. druing the past year that we have been friends we have become best friends really quick and she has always trusted me like i can remember her telling me big secrets when we werent even as close of friends as we are now and she has been there for me through some really tough times,

if some one can uderstand what i am saying an respond to this that would be really great. and please tell me if you think i should tell my friend the problems i have or if u think titare just 2 weird

Update 2:

okay, i dont htink people are understanding what i am say. first of all she doesnt ignore me when she is with her other friends i just get really jealious and second of i haven't talked to her about those problems yet cause i think they migtht like freak her out and make think that i am like obsessed with her . so do you think that my problems would sound to obessesive to talk to her about

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    1 decade ago
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    Maybe you should go out make some other friends then start hanging out with them more and talk more then there you go you have some more best friends...Maybe your jealous because you haven't fully experienced what best friends do together...You should go out and make other friends also so when she's hanging out with them you can hang out with your friends so you don't feel left out by her...Hope this helps...

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    I understand what you are feeling, i went through the same procedure some days ago and i had to let her go. According to your question sometimes you feel left out, I used to have that same feeling whenever she is around her other friends it's like i dont matter to her. You get jealous of her because you want her for yourself, the easiest way to get over that feeling is by finding something else to do when u feel like that. 2. Sometimes your reason for getting is not stupid its just letting her know how you feel. I am not saying you should let her go 'cuz if you do you are going to regret it. Try getting her away from her other friends, sit her down and talk to her, tell her how you feel, find out from her if she considers you as her best friend. Whenever you need help, advice or just want to talk email me at <>

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    i think that if you and your "best friend" are having this many problems, maybe shes not your best friend and you can find someone else that will understand you and you her.

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