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Another Guinea Pig question. My Guinea Pigs get in each others faces and stick there nose up in the air. Why?

Is this some sort of argument or something? I feel bad, the fat one always wins if it is.


It happens a lot when they are eating.

Update 2:

They stay in the same cage...separate igloos though, lol.

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    It depends, are they chattering their teeth at each other when their noses are in the air? Are they baring their teeth? Is their hair standing on end? If those things are happening you are coming pretty close to a tussle if one hasn't happened already that you are not aware of. Check the pigs over for lumps and bumps. They can hide abscesses pretty well until they are quite a good size.

    If they aren't making a lot of noises or anything and they are just kind of waggling their butts when they do it, it is just a re-establishment of dominance. Some pigs are so close in the hierarchy there is always a challenge for top-pig. Some ways you can minimize this is to make sure there isn't anything they can argue over. Make sure there are two food dishes and two houses. Those are what pigs fight for most. If they don't have to share, it doesn't become such a big deal and they chill out.

    Plus if their cage isn't big enough then they are vying for space too, so make sure they have enough space.

    Good luck.

    Lisa and the Wheeks and Squeaks Guinea Pig Rescue

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    They're just re-confirming who the dominant piggie is. Don't worry, if they haven't yet, they're probably not going to "fight each other to the death." Just make sure they have a big roomy cage so they don't have to be squished up together all the time. I let my three males run around the apartment (with boundaries and blockades and wires tied safely away) a lot and I think the extra space helps them get along and feel free of each other when they need it. If you'd like to see the little troublemakers for yourself, I'm a giant dork and have made them a website. Yes, a website.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): PetSmart employee & piggie owner
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    That's called posturing. That's a domination thing. Male piggies are very territorial, and it could lead to some very serious bloody fights. I some cases it's been known that male piggies have fought to the death.

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    My guinea pig does that when it sees someone around it like it senses danger.

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    do they have seperate cages, because they should. and maybe they're snobs lol

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