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What is a FREE website where I can trace my ancestors?

I want to know were I came from

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    A good place to start:

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    I save this and paste it because people ask the same question 1 - 4 times a day:

    What are good free sites for genealogy?

    Does anyone know about the {surname} family?

    How can I trace my family tree, for free?

    Sometimes thay ask in the genealogy category, Arts & Humanities -> Genealogy. Sometimes they don't. If you search or browse the resolved questions in the Genealogy category, you can find more links from other people.

    Here are some large free sites.

    (240,000+ links, all cross-indexed.)

    (Mormon's mega-site)

    (450,000,000+ entries, some excellent, some bad, most in between)

    Surname meanings and origins; no specific individuals, but fun.

    These are for the USA only.

    (Subdivided into state sites, which all have county sites.)

    (Canada has a Canadian Gen Web, with sites for each province.)

    (Social Security Death index - click on "Advanced".)

    (US Phone book, for looking up distant cousins)

    These two are for the UK & Ireland only:

    If you get serious, you should probably buy a genealogy program. I like Roots Magic. Family Tree Maker is very popular. Both are $29 in the USA, but you can sometimes find old versions in discount bins at software stores.

    has some tips for beginners.

    I used to suggest people who were in favor of free data volunteer to ADD to it, instead of just taking it, but I gave that up as a lost cause. If you are interested, write to me via my profile. You will restore my faith in humanity.

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    I really wish I knew how to help... I'd like to do that too though, so if it's not too much trouble would you please email me if you get a good answer?

    Good luck finding out the info :)

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    I'm waiting for other answerer's to find out myself

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