Cadillac-idols then dies will not restart--till it sits for awhile?

I have this Cts cadillac and even the dealership cant figure out whats wrong--it will start idol for a bit(sometimes a minute sometimes 30 minutes) then just dies and will not restart till it sits for couple hours--getting worse--any clues!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i own a repair shop,,and i had one that did this,,the dealer sent me the job because they couldn't figure it out,,ifound a bad ignition switch in it,,and i don't know how they missed it,,it would get hot,and separate on it,,and make it die,every time you restarted it it would do the same thing,,finally it got to where it wouldn't start at all,,this was while it was at my shop,,once it did that i found it real easy you might want to have yours checked out,and see if that's it,,good luck with it,oi hope this help,s.

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    I have seen the same thing DODGE MAN said. It is certainly worth a look.

    If it turns out that it is not the ignition switch, then take it either to the dealer, or a REPUTABLE repair facility, ASE shingle highly recommended, and ask that they run diagnostics, including a "movie" with their scan tool.

    This is a process programmed into the scanner that allows the tech to press a "trigger" to begin recording the data pids when an event occurs.

    The tech can then look at what was being processed for the last 15 seconds before the failure, and the 15 seconds after the failure. It is then merely a process of comparing the before & after data. Which data are out of line with what SHOULD be present indicates what circuitor system to investigate.

    Good Luck

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  • R W
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    1 decade ago

    ck the fuel pump

  • native
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    1 decade ago

    plugged catalytic converter, or a plugged muffler.

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