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As A Proud Russian I Say That Even Though Rocky 4 Was Based On A True Story The Film Lies About The Outcome?

Drago was the winner in real life. He sent the white American champion to the hospital and he killed the former black champion.

Why did you Americans change the ending? For propaganda purposes?

Shame on you.

No training montage could have enabled Rocky to bead Drago- he was Soviet perfection.

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    even though Drago's punches (2000 psi) were more powerful than an average handgun, Rocky simply had to win. the american spirit, and the emotional response to Apollo Creed's death made rocky nearly invincible. plus, it is a scientific impossiblity for Rocky to lose when the heroic plays all lead to his victory over the powerful Russian.

    that montage didn't hurt either.

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    What American fighter? Rocky 4 was written by Sylvester Stallone and is completely made up. Made up Soviet Lies, shame on you for believing them.

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    Movies are made taking into consideration,the bottom line ie.the profit.What ever people like is the main base while selecting the story.Nothing to be angry about fictions.

  • does it really matter? Probably not. We are not at war, hot or cold war with russia. That ended in 1989 if i'm not mistaken in my memory. I was there.

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    I think it was a statement against steriod use. Love Rocky films !

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    So was Star Wars you don't see anyone complaining about that !

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