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Should I even bother?

im really short. 5'. and im probably not going to grow any taller :( so is there really any point in playing. Im never gonna be able to play in college with my height right?

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    first of all, play what

    and 5' is not that short. However, if this sport you are talking about like rugby or something i request you not to join.

    trisha =)

  • Okay well i have played varsity volleyball for six years and i am barely over 5' like yourself. I thought the same thing but the coach really wanted me to play so i played. People keep telling me that you are too short you wont be able to spike. Well i worked my butt off and now i can jump higher then any girl on my team and i am also leading the team in kills...height doesnt is your heart...if you set your heart and mind to it you can do whatever you want and i even have people looking at me to play in college because i am a senior. I am from Alabama and the starting outside for the UAH volleyball team is 5'1'' and she is amazing...never let your height keep you from doing something that you want to do! Good Luck!

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    That is not true. I was watching CSTV (College Sports TV) and there was a college volleyball game on, Tulnec against Marshall. One of their best players was only 5'0 she was a great server, that didn't have to jump, one of the few. She was an awesome spiker and could move around the court better than the 6'5 girls. If you are good enough college scouts won't care about how tall you are, just how well you can play. And if you get their team the victories they want! Good luck!

    Sugar Bear

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    If you wanna play, play. You don't have to only play sports that you will be able to play for a college team. If your goal is to play college vb though, learn how to set and/or pass very well and you'll be fine. There was a libero/setter at LB State a few years ago named Tracy... I forgot her last name... but she was maybe 5'1" and she was awesome. And Long Beach is one of the top vb teams in the country year in and year out.

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    Your height does not matter in this sport. You can jump right? It may be a little hard for you to block taller players but that shouldn't discourage you. Short or tall, volleyball is for us all.

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    hey, at your height you can be a setter, or a defensive specialist (backrow player). I would focus on your setting, passing and serving.

    If you wanted to, you could try to make up for your lack of height with strong leg muscles and jumping ability. But, you'd really, really, really, have to work on improving your vertical jump.

    If you could sky - then it wouldn't really matter how tall (or short) you were. Plus, you'd have the added benefit of seeing the looks on the other teams faces as you smash it at their feet.

    But, most likely, if you're not that tall, then you'd either be a setter or a backrow player.

    Good luck to you!

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    just because u may not play in college doesn't mean u should just give it up...besides...since u can get lower...u'll prolly make a good back row player...just work on your mechanics in bumping and stuff and u can be a specialist...

    p.s. i played club volleyball in college and i'm only 5'6"...i was a libero for a it can be done...u just gotta want it

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    i agree with flint. salute to siree. u must be an experienced player yourself.

    but to you girl, there may be hieght requirement but never let yourself down because of your height

    im 5'2", i play as the setter

    if you want to the defense and offensive part, work on your vertical jumps

    practice makes it perfect. reach the sky!

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    yes im 5'2 and great n volleyball u should keep on playn because your never too short or too tall this is advice coming from a true and dedicated volleyball player

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    I would still practice and play volleyball because for some posistions, such as back row and settters, dont need to be tall....i wouldnt just give up!!!!

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