SImple ? there any way to get rid of lag and not using the there something I can download?

lag, slow computer.

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    If you are refering to actual lag, turn off everything you have running that you dont need! If you are refering to slow internet which isnt called lag, run your anti spyware! You probably download every little twinklin piece of crap you can find, you probably also use p2p sites, YOU are the cause of your slow computer! Your system is infected!

  • Goffik
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    1 decade ago

    Lag when doing what? Internet? Games? Or just in general?

    For general slowness, try opening your Start menu, clicking Run, and typing "msconfig". Under the Startup tab, deselect anything you dont need, which should be almost everything except possibly anti-virus software. Check the Startup folder in your Start menu and delete any shortcuts you find there. Defrag your HD. Run a full virus/spyware/malware scan, and run Disk Cleanup. Once you've done all that, reboot.

    If its still slow, maybe you just have an underpowered comp. Think about upgrading.

  • iswd1
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    Most lag is, unfortunately, something you cannot do anything about. It is generally caused by 1) Your ISP, 2) Routers between your computer and the destination computers, or 3) The servers where the sites you're going to are stored on.

    Again, not much you can do about this really.

    Most lag reducing software simply stores a copy of websites you have visited on your computer, and when you go to that site, it simply calls up your copy while it's checking to see if it's been updated. This isn't actually reducing lag at all.

    Other than that, if you're on dialup or DSL, upgrade to the highet cable modem package you can. I have a 5mbit connection and my sites pop up quick.

    Good luck friend!

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    U can buy more memory. Also u can defragment yur computer and any programs u dont use, uninstall them. Any files u dont need, delete them. Files u need but hardly use, burn them on a cd so u can free up space on the computer. After u do all of this, defrag yur computer. Run a scandisk'checkdisk. Go to my computer and right click on the c drive. Click properties & Chooze the tools tab then the checkdisk utility. Tip everything and it run a check when u restart windows. If u have Norton, it is well documented to cause system drag. Read some stuff below, shud help. Laterz.

    Security Suites -

    Spyware -

    Firewall -

    Antivirus -

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    Yes, there are ways. Sometimes modifying the network MTU can help with some lag symptoms. If you're browsing the web, make sure you have an adequte cache set up. Check the speed and duplex of your network card ... good luck!

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    First run


    Then Run


    If you really need to download something, try these

    three must have's

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