in your opinion who is to blame for the deaths of innocent puritans who died during the witch hunt.?

IN the book THE Crucible

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    Two people are ultimately responsible, Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger. They are the ones who wrote the "Malleus Maleficarum," or Hammer of the Witches. This hateful book was the Bible of witchhunting. The Malleus Maleficarum detailed why a witch must be tortured into confessing, the proper ways to torture them, and different tests to see if the victim had any witch's marks, such as moles or extra nipples. That book single-handedly started a nightmare which lasted hundreds of years.

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    It began with the girls who had a grudge against the woman, but I believe the point is more what mass hysteria can do in a puritanical environment.

    While the particular catalyst in this book is witchcraft, I believe that you can substitute alot of stereotyping methods into this story.

    Don't you think that the moral to this story is to be careful with your thoughts, not to be closed minded, be able to think and decide for yourself, analyse the facts not go with the crowd so as not to hurt others.

    Love the book and the movie by the way. Good you read it.

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    Ultimately the public is to blame for promoting mass hysteria. People perpetuated gossip and hatred in order to fit in just like they do today. If each individual citizen had said, "I never saw her consorting with Satan she seems like an upstanding person to me." then hysteria wouldn't have spread. Instead people pointed the finger at whoever was vunerable in order that they themselves would be counted among the good guys. Sadistic witch hunters and lying children wouldn't be able to stir up such frenzy if not for the cowardice of the masses.

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    Hi,,, probably the girls that were putting on the act of being under the spell of the people accused...

    good luck

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    many are to blame, but the inital hysteria began with that original girl who started lying about everything. EVERYONE who did wrong was to blame, but the "spark" was definitely her; but do you blame it for the whole "fire"?

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    the people who killed them and those who started the witch hunts in the first place.why can't we just let people be if they aren't hurting others.

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    Self-righteousness and hatred clothed in religious fundamentalism.

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    Look it up yourself I am not doing your homework for you I have plenty of my own

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