kind of stressed?

My boyfriend and i have been together for 6 months and he and i are trying to have a baby and I just can't seem to get pregnant. any one have any suggestions....sexual postions to try? ways to easily get pregnant? I am 24 and overweight but should that be a problem?


i just had my period on the 22nd and i have been feeling sick to my stomach since then

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    I'm 26 and have always been a little overweight, but managed to have my first very easily. There are some risk factors to being overweight. We've been trying to get PG for over a year now. I've read that the best position is you on your back and him on top. Also, stay laying on your back for atleast 30 minutes after you have sex. Also make sure you know when your peak fertility days are by estimating ovulation. Hope I've been some help and good luck to you both!!!

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    Okay i am going to tell you something my grandmother told me when i was trying to get pregnant.Drink a glass of red wine everynight because the alcohol somehow causes your "mucus" around your cervix to be thin which allows the sperm easier access to the egg.Plus i guess the wine probably makes the sex more fun,who knows maybe thats why it works!!!I'll tell ya it has worked for me i have 6 kids now.In fact i had to stop the wine drinking to avoid more children!! As for positions you should be underneath so the sperm can stay in there when your done.Being over weight should not affect you becoming pregnant. You should stop thinking about it and just drink lots of wine and have lots of sex.It takes some woman longer to get pregnant then others. Good Luck to you guys a good red wine ,lambrusco,or merlot!!!!

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    its going to be a problem soon so try to loose weight. And about the baby buy one of those ovalation kits at a drug store it tells you when you are ovalating.

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