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why did hitler kill innocent jews instead of low life heathen Muslims?

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    Because he wasn't in a religious war.

    If you remember correctly, his actions were indiscriminatory, he killed as many as he deemed fit outside of the jewish community.

    His fascination with them was more centered around economical factors and at that time the general German world could unite around a mutual disdain for Jewish culture. It was primarily an issue of jealousy and scapegoating. Muslims were not so much in the picture, save for being placed outside of the geographical borders.

  • cissy
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    Forgotsake, not all muslims are interior the service of Hitler. Like duhh... The malays in Malaysia who wree muslims have been combating against the eastern and dealing with the British in international conflict 2. Does that bear in mind as muslims working with Hitler ? properly, interior the Quran we weren't allowed to take any international places between the jews and christians as Auliays (protectors and allies). do you prefer to entice close why ? right it rather is the end result : diverse women and adult men reminiscent of three fundamentalist christians who tries to look for out fault in muslims making use of the excuse of a few muslim SS best pal with Germany in an attempt to make it as a scapegoat that one and all muslims are evil, without realising there are some muslim that serve the allies. Hwoever, international conflict 2 had motive a great style of harm to we muslims. it rather is that freaking international war that divide us. I pray to Allah S.W.T that interior the destiny we can unite and triumph over the international basically for his sake, so as that each and every individual faster or later will placed up to the Allah of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, and Ishmael, and from that submission, we can get carry of eternal peace.

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    you know what Hitler did was bad he shouldn't have killed the Jews or any other people for that matter.. It is wrong for you to even discriminate against the Muslim.

    And for that matter of fact Jews were the dumb people to allow Hitler and Nazi's to attack them they just stayed there like crowds and watched the Nazi rape there wives, kill there children and be beaten and starved. They should have fought back they knew they were going to die and Moses ain't coming to save them that's why many Jews lost faith n there own religion

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    why does anyone think they have the authority to kill anyone else. Also, it is important not to generalize about Muslims or any other group for that matter. Sure there are low life heathen Muslims, there's also low life heathen whites, blacks, chinese, mexicans and all other races!! Just like the saying goes, along with the good comes the bad. For every low life there are at least five normal good people no matter which race they are.

    But to answer your question, Hitler killed people because he was a narrowminded person just like yourself!!!!

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    beacuase he knew there were people like you and good ole GW. who would take care of everyone else who wasn't "just like them".

    Heathen Muslims huh? Nice. You must be a heck of a christian soul. Ever read the line in the bible that says "Judge not lest ye be judged"? Who are you to call anyone a heathen? Most muslims are probably incredibly devout and kind people. But you choose to judge them all on the actions of a few.

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    Hitler was planning to kill the Muslims too, and probably did kill a few, but they were a scarce commodity in Germany at that time.

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    The only good thing Hitler ever did was put the muzzle of a 9 mm Luger to his temple and pull the trigger.

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    They were on his list also. Everyone but "Aryan" were sub-human to him, even though he wasn't Aryan himself. Note: if the Allies had taken this crazy out in 1936 when it was obvious to the world that he was a mad man and preparing for war, how different would our lives be now? We study history to learn from the past.

    The leaders threatening nuclear war, in particular, need to be looked at closely.

  • ViRg()
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    Jeez, how insensitive can you get, dude (?!)

    First off, it was a dark period in world history, one that should never be forgotten.

    Everyone deserves to be free to live their own lives and pursue their destiny without harming one another along the way.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the link was the mutual hatred of the jews, and would not last if hitler was victorious.

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