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algebra problems!?

i need help with some algebra problems!! 1-(thesquare root of)2/6+5(times the sq.rt.of)2

and i have a few others similar to that if u can help me.

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    1- 4/36+5(4)






    =21 ( approx.)

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    (1- V2) / 6+5V2 first get the sqrt out of the denominator by multiplying by the inverse--- that will get you a good start, i'm sorry i'm not gonna type all that out on the computer

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    According to my calculator, the answer is approximately: 7.835365551

  • oracle
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    thats no algebra

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    that isn't an algebra...

    where's the x?

    where's the y?

  • Anonymous
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