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should my childrens be sticking those crayons in their nose?

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    You are so funny...where in the world do you come up with such questions every day??? LMAO!

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    I have two kids, almost 4 and 20 months, and they don't stick the crayons up their nose. I wouldn't let them, that could lead to other things being shoved up there, and from experience it is not fun to take your child to the hospital with something lodged in their nose.

    When my oldest was about 1 we were eating at McDonald's, she was eating a frie, and missed her mouth, it went straight up her nose and broke off. we had to take her to the hospital to get it out. Apparently it happens a lot, because they even have special tools to hold the nostril open. It was NOT a fun time!!!!!!!!!!!

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    No, nor should they stick anything in their ears. My brother stuck playdoh up his nose and my folks had to take him to the doctor because he couldn't breath. They had to flush his sinuses with saline to get the stuff out. His nose ran for a long time when they got home still working to get the rest of it out.

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    If you let his stick a knife in his eye, then let him go for it with the crayons.

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    well at least they are not snuffing drugs/sniffing permanent markers so they should be fine, all crayons will do is color their brain and doesnt everybody want a colorful personality?

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    ive gottin a nickle stuck in my nose once but keds should only be puttin fingers in there nose

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    call 911. Duh. or perhaps you prefer a troll scientific institution too wherein case i'm unable to make it easier to there via fact the closest troll government is on Venus and Earth is the only with people.

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    Sure, we all did it as kids and look how wonderful we turned out.

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    How old are your kids? My kids are two and five and 7months and they don't do that.

    Source(s): Mother of 4: twins and two singles
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