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where is Minnasota located?

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    If you learn how to spell it then maybe you would be able to find it on a map.


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    North central United States. Surrounded by North Dakota and South Dakota on the west, Iowa in the south, Wisconsin to the east. Canada and one of the Great Lakes to the north.

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    You mean Minnesota? It's located near the great lakes (along the U.S.-Canadian border). It's in between North/South Dakota and Wisconsin (to the West of Lake Superior).

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    To the south of Manitoba & Ontario, Canada; east of North Dakota & South Dakota; west of Wisconsin; north of Iowa.

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    It's located in the US. Underneath North Dakota and thats a little rectangle on a map under canada

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    It is in the central north part of the US: west of Wisconsin, east of North and South Dakota, and north of Iowa. map_of_united_states-i

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    Just to the left of Wasconsin

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