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What might be a remedy of overproduction?

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    Exportation of the overproduced items

    Rework to a different specification (you made too many blue ones so paint them red to meet red production requirements)

    Sell to a different market (home refrigerators marketed and sold to health clinics and medical laboratories with limited space to store specimens and medicines)

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    Assuming that you are asking about macroeconomics, there is no such thing as overproduction (the concept of overproduction is something Marx invented). There is, however, such a thing as underconsumption (Keynes explained that). The remedy is to ensure that one person's savings (i.e., income not spent on consumption) is another person's consumption. In other words, people who consume less than they earn can lend their savings to those who want to consume now, but cannot pay for it right away. In practice, savers take their money to banks, which in turm lend to consumers (via credit cards, auto loans, mortgages, etc.) and businesses.

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    four children is enough if a man is the Father of four he should have a vasectomy or vice versa but for the woman it is sterilisation only if there is genetic proof that should curb alot of it

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