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clear karma?lessons in life?

I been going through a Lot which its hard is lessons that Im learning or is it karma that is not cleared up..if so,how do you clear up karma?When will the lessons /learning stop until I can enjoy it possible that fate wants me to suicide so destiny puts so much stress so I have to suicide?

look theres something about karma I want to ask,

lets say I did something bad to this person and I learn lesson karma back by that a friend did something bad to me..will she get bad karma back?get it?

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    i can't answer all that stuff abt karma but suicide is not the answer. if you want to enjoy life, pray to God, and He will answer. He listens and He loves you. He can bring you more joy than you can even imagine if you just let Him - He has for me. but suicide is not the answer

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    Anytime we're talking about suicide, Yahoo Answers is not the right place. You need to speak to a professional counsellor and they will get you back on track.

    But while you're here, I would want to say to you that your life does have value and there's always a way out of your problems. It may be something dramatic like moving to a new state, but not so dramatic as suicide - there are many other options.

    The previous person mentioned God. Even if you are not religious (maybe especially if you are not religious), there are ways that you can find personal strength and spiritual healing.

    Look for these ways. Ask questions here on YA, but the minute suicide seems like a serious issue, look for more professional help.

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    Life gives you a lot of lessons, thats what life is all about, and to see how you can handle them. Karma is something that comes from past lives, not only this one. There are many misktakes that we have done and if we dont do anything about it, karma will always be there. There is a way to clear karma from your life, first of all you have to start by asking God for forgiveness, and if you know who St. Germain is you can pray to him too, I dont know if you have ever heard of this but there is a Violet Flame. This flame is the one that helps clear up all the karma in your life, if you can just imagine yourself covered in this Violet Flame, you would help yourself so much. And you can also pray to God by saying, "I am made of Violet Flame, I am the pureness that God wishes for." This is one little prayer you can say to help consume all the karma in your life. It would take me forever to tell you all these things, or maybe you know them already, my mom was the one who helped me to start beleiving in it, and recently things have been working out a little better for me. For like two months I couldnt get a job, and I just got one today. And I started doing these little prayers maybe a couple of weeks ago and I am starting to feel so much better about myself. Also always thank God for everything that you have, before you go to sleep just say thank you God for this day and thank you for the day of tomorrow which I will try to make a better day than today. and when you wake up just tell god that you are thankful for being able to wake up and start an new day. Anyway I dont wanna bore you, but I am pretty sure thath things will get better. I hope you are not thinking about commiting suicide because that can be the worst thing you can do, these are just little lessons that God is putting in front of you, and not dealing with them is adding on to your karma.

    About your question about Karma, if you did something bad to a person, ask God for forgiveness, and the only thing in this earth in charge of Karma is God. If you did something bad to someone and they are getting back at you, they are not helping you or themselves, No one controls Karma, and no one has the right to do it, once again this is what my mom and I believe. I hope that you take this as an advice, and if you dont want to do it, you dont have to, just dont say anything bad about what I just wrote please because these are my beliefs and I just wanted you to take part in it, see if I can help in any way which i hope I did

    Good Luck!!

    PS: Whatever you do, please dont commit suicide, theres is always a solution to everything in life, except Death.

    God Bless You!

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    To act is your duty but reward is not your concern it is THY concern.Wait for the opportune time every thing will set alright,as an act like suicide is cowardice.

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