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Anyone know any statistics for pregnant women who use anti-depressants during pregnancy?

i have read many things and talked to a pharmacist, but i can not find any evidence of harm to the unborn fetus.

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    They have twice as many babies, and all are girls or boys.

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    OBGYN and your local pediatrician should be able to answer any questions about this. As well as the doc who perscribes you the meds. I have known women who were on anti-depressants and their docs said that it would not harm their baby. But every person is a case by case consideration so, I would do a little more research, hey even look up the potency of your meds on a website dedicated to this subject.

    Source(s): It's just me, I'm no expert or anything, just giving some options for advice.
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    Using those pills can harm a baby even if its still in a fetus stage, my friend had a miscarriage in her third month of pregnancy.

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    There are a lot that are not safe. You should talk it over with your doctor, because an unsafe one can cause damage, hearing loss, among other things.

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