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How do snails or starfish reproduce? I have salt water tank. just wondering if they will do it on me.?

I was wondering how snails and starfish reproduce and under what conditions they will do that. I have a small tank with 9 snails, a starfish, and a few fish. Will I have to worry about snails in my tank?


I didn't mean put them on me. I was just wondering if they will reproduce while i have them and i hope they don' t but if they do then they do

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    Invertebrate reproduction is not a problem in the saltwater tank as most of them have larval stages where they are a part of the free-floating plankton (this definitely includes the snails). Most filter systems remove them and the few that may have survived make a great snack for the rest of the tank. If your starfish does actually reproduce, a marine store is guaranteed to take them back.


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    Yes snails will reproduce all on there own you will see a Ziggy looking line of white eggs these are snail eggs and once they are laid it takes about 2 weeks and they will hatch. Starfish do lay eggs but more common if a leg and a piece of the bod detaches from the rest it will become a new starfish.

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    It depends on what kind they are. Some are hermaphroditic, while others require a mate. You can look them up, and I know there are a few pages that can help you identify your inverts if you don't know their names. Actually, you can look at an online fish store's pictures for a good idea, as they usually sell the more common inverts.

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    By the gooy stuff that comes off their bodies.

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    first off

    you would have to keep your hand perfectly still for at least two days

    and they move so so slow

    you may miss it all anyway.

    good luck

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    you are sick why u want to put them on u. leave them in the taank they will jus like humans. but dont watch either then u are really sick.

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