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Can you give me a logical reason on why the world is so crazy?

There have been a lot of pedophiles and crazy people appearing out of nowhere. Some people say that the Devil is running lose, but there are people who don't believe in Heaven nor Hell, so I would like to know if anyone could give me a logical explanation on why these kind of things have been happening in excess lately.

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    This is how The Bible says it is supposed to be towards the end when he takes control again instead of humans running on self will run riot . Men are selfish , self centered , and just not capable

    of being in charge !

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    There is no reason for this. I am one of those people who doesn't believe in Heaven/Hell, so I cannot give you an explanation for this. Maybe you are just noticing these people now, but as long as there will be people, there will be crazy people among us. Try to stay safe♥

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    he isn't against any faith although his offered up supplies the doubt to many that way! yet he isn't seems to be a brilliant President interior the making! thinking the size of all the disaster dealing with the rustic, the prefer is for a greater matured and elderly character and on that count quantity may well be Obama would lose the win!

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    It's because of the men. Obviously none of these things would be isues if the world was run by women, do you not agree??

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    Because most people are nuts. As they have always been! But today every nut case gets TV exposure, so it seems worse than it is.

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