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Does haircolor affect intelligence?

The common idea people have is, blonde's are dumb, but have more fun; and brunette's are smart but have less fun. And I wonder to myself, how can this be true? Does hair color affect intelligence or is everyone wrong?

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    It doesn't affect the person wearing the color, but more the people around them.

    I spent many years as a blond and suddenly colored my hair red. The same people who worked with me every day while I was blond and knew me well were suddenly using bigger words and more complex sentences when they spoke to me.

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    i doubt its the hair color, per say, that is actually affecting intelligence. what may be more influential is the way people treat blondes or brunettes. if everyone (teachers, parents, peers) treat blondes as dumb, or they get more attention when they act dumb, then they might act dumb and suppress any expression of intelligence. likewise with the brunettes.

    its part of a phenomenon called "self-fulfilling prophecies" just means that when you expect one thing (ie: blondes are dumb), you will treat blondes as if they are dumb or maybe take whatever they say with less credibility because you are thinking, 'well theyre blonde and they are dumb'..for the blonde person, if he/she encounters this all the time, they will come to believe they are dumb and perhaps not work as hard in school or just not bother to show their intelligence.

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    There have been no scientifically reputable studies indicating

    any difference in average intelligence between hair colors

    (or races or creeds or ...)

    There have, however, been studies that somewhat link

    male preference for blondes to the idea that it is easier

    to see if a blonde is infected with lice and other vermin

    than seeing if someone with darker hair does.

    That is, because you KNOW a blonde isn't infected whereas

    a dark haired woman might be infected, you might prefer


    However, this effect is slight compared to racial preferential

    behavior. That is, people generally prefer mates of their

    own race regardless of hair color.

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    blonde's are not dumb but have more fun

    I believe people is different

    perhaps when a man is in front of a blonde girl ...this be true in that way

    a blonde is asked to have more fun

    brunette`s are smart but have the same chances

    I wonder to myself does eyes color affect vision

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    I recommend you read a book (don't worry it's small and very entertaining) called Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps. It explains how men and women are also explains that lighter hair color in women denotes a greater amount of estrogen which, generally, means poorer spatial skills (like map reading. math and engineering skills)..but they can be highly intelligent and intuitive in many other areas. It's by Barbara and Allan Pease. Check it out.

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    WELLLLLL i am a blond and i think that i am prettty smart but i know how to have funnnn as well. I think it depends on the person not the hair color. i think that soem people live up to the hair color, like when im just hanging out with friends i act totally ditzy and funny .

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    no. hair color has nothing to do with intelligence. i know a blonde who is really smart and a brunette who isn't. it's just a stereotype.

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    Hair color does NOT affect intelligence; however, intelligence does affect one's choice of hair color.

    In our culture certain colors, styles, etc., indicate things and are not always just fashion statements. Hair color and style can make you appear to be a slut, or a TOO proper conservative. It's all your choice to make you happy.

    It's like a sign worn on you saying, " I am ............." even if you aren't. LOL

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    no it just affects other people perception of your intelligence for example you see a Blond and you think dumb a brunette, smart and a redhead, b***h

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    Hair colour bears no correlation to intelligence.

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