How did the Soviet Union influence Japans attack on Pearl Harbor?

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    Hitler had planned on the attack on Soviet Russia and asked for Japan to make agressive moves in the East. Japan's goal was to take the East under it's umbrella of control, (The Greater Asian Co-prosperity sphere) and to do that it first had to remove the US Fleet from the Western Pacific. To do that it had to take out Pearl and almost succeeded. the last thing Japan wanted was a fight with the US. What they failed to realise is that the natural game of the West is Chess where to win you take out the opponents King. Japan played 'go' where whoever controlled the most territory at any given point in the game was assumed the winner. Go is never played to the finish but always conceded.

    Japan was forced by the Pacific war to not be able to attack Russia which cost Hitler his plans

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    1 decade ago

    The Soviet Union really didn't influence Japan on the Pearl Harbor attack...again it was the U.S. that caused it by cutting off trade to Japan...( embargo) Japan was forced into war with the U.S.......

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    By being the victim of a Nazi attack/fearing this would happen and so did not get actively involved in the Far East on time. If the Japanese had known that the Soviets would make a serious play for Manchuria (in other words, if they weren´t fighting Germany to the west) they probably never would have considered going to all out war with the western world.

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    they did nothing. if they had decided to attack japan, they could have destroyed the Imperial Navy, which would have taken the tools of destruction at Pearl Harbor out of the Japanese hands, but they decided that Hitler attacking their capital was more important instead.

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