what do upside-down catfish eat?

iam doing a food webproject and i need to know alot ofthingsand one ofthem is what upside-down cat fish eats

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    The other answerer is correct but while I was searching for info on your question I ran across this tidbit.

    An exploding toad occurs when a crow, hunting for toad liver, attacks a puffed up toad. The phenomenon was first noticed in April 2005 in districts of Hamburg, Germany and near a lake at Låsby, Denmark, dubbed "The Pond of Death." No other animals in the area were exploding.


    According to worldwide media reports in late April 2005, numerous toads in the Altona district of Hamburg were observed by nature protection officials to swell up with gases and explode, propelling their innards for distances of up to one meter. These incidents prompted local residents to refer to the area's lake—home to the toads—as "Tümpel des Todes" (Pool of Death). The incidents were reported as occurring with greatest frequency between 2 and 3 a.m. Werner Smolnik, environmental movement worker, stated on April 26, 2005 at least 1,000 toads had died in this manner over a series of a few days.

    According to a witness

    What differentiates the exploding toads in these incidents from most other exploding animals is that they explode while alive. Exploding whales, for example, are a result of the buildup of gases during the process of decomposition (the obvious exception is when the use of dynamite is involved).



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