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why do yeast infections smell and are so resistant?

i've tried pills and cremes but they keep coming back each time worse. i notice it after my period too.


stinky stuff, and no its not bv it smells raunchy

Update 2:

yupp i constantly visit my gyno

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    Recurrent infections indicate an underlying problem. Diabetes or an immunity problem. Clean up your diet - cut out the sweets, breads and refined carbs including alcohol - then use 2 different yeast creams - one for 7 days and then the other for 7 days.

    If you have a partner that person may have to be treated too. You may have to go on an anti fungal pill - (fluzonical or Nistaten - don't think spelling is right, but close) to rid your body of the yeast. But a yeast infection should not have odor. Sounds like something else going on - find another doctor.

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    Yeast infections are caused when the "normal flora' or good bacteria of the vagina is not present. The good bacteria keeps the yeast at bay.

    I think your question is complicated as most over the counter creams and pills should have solved the problem. Some women who have recurrent yeast infections take acidophilus pills to restore good bacteria. Eating yogurt can have the same effect.

    I have read studies that have said yeast infections can be transmitted to sexual partners. Also, anal sex can transfer bacteria into the vagina if a partner does not wash afterwards.

    My concern for you, however, is the recurrence of this issue and persistent problems with treatment. I would recommend seeing your doctor immediately to see if this is truly a yeast infection or if there is another problem.

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    I Cured My Yeast Infection -

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    To get rid of the smell of a yeast infection, try bathing in baking soda...

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    Read The Yeast Connection by Dr William Crook MD to find out how to get rid of and stay rid of this annoying problem.

    Good luck!

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    Stay off sugar for a while and see if it makes a difference.

    Yeast can clog your cells in your body and staved off oxygen to the cells, which in turn can cause cancer. Cancer cannot grow in oxygenated cells. You need to clean your body of the yeast.

    Drink lots of water, fresh fruits and raw veggies, cut coffee or tea to a cup a day, no pop, eat raw almonds. Do this for a week and you will see an improvement.

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    I would definitely see a doctor, sometimes recurrant yeast infections are actually bacteria infections. Also your hormones influence getting the infections, so that could explain why you get it after your period.

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    Are you baking a bread in your crotch?

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