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Miss being pregnant?

Does anyone miss the feeling of being pregnant? My daughter is 7 weeks old.I miss feeling her inside my tummy and kicking me. I miss the feeling of never being alone. I feel like im really missing being pregnant. I love it that i have her here with me but i also feel a feeling of lonliness. My doc said its normal to feel this way. Anyone else feel like this?

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    Yes!! I missed it alot. After I had her I felt that she was safer inside of me. I also missed having an excuse for being a little heavy! Thank God now I'm back to my pre-baby weight actually thinner too bad thats going to go away soon also. I just found out I was pregnant again!

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    My daughter just turned 1 and I'm remembering so many wonderful things and yes the hard times too. She's my first and when she was born I did miss being pregnant, having a newborn can be so overwhelming! I loved holding her during those first few weeks and there were more than many times that I wish she was still inside me so I could feel her kick. I still get those sensations sometimes. I weaned her at 6 months and I still feel the let down at times too, lol.

    Being a new Mom is so everwhelming with the hormones, the lack of sleep really does'nt help. It is the hardest thing I have ever done and the most rewarding.

    If the feelings of lonliness get overwhelming don't ignore it ask for help. It could be a sign of Post Pardum Depression.

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    Well, yes and no. I also miss being kicked at 2am every morning. I miss how people pay attention and ask questions.

    What I do not miss, is the moodswings. I never had morning sickness, heartburn or cravings. If it was not for my tummy growing, I would not have noticed that I were pregnant. My baby girl is 8 months tomorrow.

    Did you know that, if your baby is always kicking a certain time, she will always be awake to feed?

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    yes That is why I have two girls, One is 4 the other is 5. First was born on April 6 2001. The second on Aug. 14 2002. I could not wait to have more kids. Now I am 22 weeks with a boy.

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    I totally felt like this after the births of my two sons. It was especially bad after the birth of my first son. You know when you'll REALLY miss it? Oh, about a year or so from now when she starts going through her "terrible twos" and you'll wish like heck you could put her back inside! :)

    The feeling is normal, and it will pass. She'll start reaching more milestones and talking and doing all sort of cute things and you won't want to miss them. You'll be glad she's on the outside. :)

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    Every woman goes through this in one form or another. It's known Post-partum depression. Some women are devastated by it while others only consider it a gentle yearn for what was. It'll pass and you'll find new rewarding ways of bonding with her. You have a life-time of firsts to experience with her; from her first attempts to explore the world around her to her first dance & kiss and on to her being an adult . Also if you decide you have another child you'll have double the joys again. Good luck to you and her.

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    I can totally relate to how you're feeling. I have four boys and after each one I felt empty inside after they were born. I, too, was very happy that they were there but I missed them inside of me, knowing they were safe and protected. I probably won't have any more and I would really like to have another baby. I think I'll always want more kids no matter how old I get. My mom was that way, too.

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    Heck No! I wasn't thrilled about being pregnant ONLY because, I was literally stuck to the bed. I am never alone because, I am a stay at home mom and; I always have him with me EVERYWHERE I go. I waited till I was 29 to get pregnant and, I always dram-pt that it was going to be that way for me; I wish it had been. I am looking forward to getting pregnant again, I hope I get to experience that the second time around. Good luck with your precious package!

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    yes I did when I had my son it will pass eventually or at least weaken till the next urge to have another baby comes. I loved being preggers that is why I am trying for my 3rd baby in let me see my daughter is 3 and my son is 1 so like 3 year lol good luck

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    Can't say I do! Nope! Wouldn't EVEN know what that's like! And don't WANT to! But I delighted in my dear wife going through that SEVEN times! Children are such a blessing! You're making a major point for why this whole "Feminazi/Abortion Rights" movement is such a DECEPTION! That is a REAL LIVE HUMAN BEING inside the woman, not "unviable tissue matter"! Life begins AT CONCEPTION, and you don't feel some imperson- able "blob" "inside your tummy and kicking you"! God is the one that causes conception to occur (using, of course, that LOVELY union of a husband and wife in sexual bliss!), and that's why ALL life is SACRED! God bless all of you ladies who have gone through that GRUELLING 9-month period known as "pregnancy"! No man will EVER have to endure what YOU have in giving birth to a child! I was there for EVERY ONE of ours, which were not only BORN, but CONCEIVED within wedlock! I will never cease to be AMAZED at all my dear wife went through to bring seven BEAUTIFUL children into this world! (One very SAD note: our youngest, Jonathan, DIED suddenly and unexpectedly in August 2003 due to medical complications, only TWO years old! Take good care of them! You NEVER know how long they'll be around!) "Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward." (Psalm 127:3) "Jesus loves me, this I know, For the Bible tells me so! Little ones, to HIM belong, They are weak, but HE is strong! Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me! THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO!"

    Source(s): God's word THE BIBLE and my own BLESSED experience as a husband & father!
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