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theres this guy and we keep running into eachother and i kinda like it what do i do ask him out or what?

i get really excited wen im around him

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    just stay cool. get his phone number. call him talk for like a week. get to know his habits and other things about him. ask him out. then go to the movies and the rest is history =D

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  • 511@
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    Ask him if he's just as shocked as you are, that you guys keep bumping into each other. Then ask him "if you arent busy, you wanna get a bite to eat/ or go check out this movie?"

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    A lunch date? I'd also recommend to go slow. Find out more. Why are you always running into each other for instance.

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    In today's world men and women are equals. That said ask him out all he can say is no. If he does you know he has a reason and simply accept that it was not to be. DO NOT START ASKING YOURSELF "WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME"

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    you should get to know him first, he might be one of them stalker boyfriends. He might be a psycho!!!!!!!!!!!!

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