Computer, maybe RAM question?

Ok I am not computer savvy. My computer is acting really slow. I do understand that it may have to do with RAM and the fact that there are a lot of icons on the bottom right corner of my screen. How do I delete them and/or get my computer to be cleaner/faster, etc. Thanks!

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    To remove items from the startup menu do the following.

    Start button> run > MSconfig >Startup Tab > dselect items in that list.

    When you restart your system you will get a box saying that your start menu has changed check the check box that says "don't show this message again" and hit ok. Other items that don't leave your startup may have settings intheir respective programs (Example Yahoo messenger). Go to the options in each program and deselect all "start on startup" options.

    Hope this helps! You should scan your system for Spy ware and Viruses too just incase (alot of thos can really slow your system down) Try the links below for free ones that alot of people trust!

    Source(s): search for Adaware and Spybot download install and scan. use the free online scan for your sustem. It will clean everything too Just follow the steps.
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    You don't get rid of having a lot of programs running on start up just by deleting icons. Remove is not necessarily delete. Things should be "removed" in the proper way.

    If you have a lot of programs running, it will indeed slow down your computer. But also, spyware tends to build up and use resources also.

    So to begin with, open the programs on the right side of the task bar one by one and see if there is an option in the program to choose whether to start the program when windows starts or not, and choose not. The volume control is harmless, you should not disable the anti-virus program from starting with Windows. But generally anything else should be prevented from starting on start up.

    For the programs that don't have the option, go to Start, Run, type msconfig and hit enter. On the startup tab, uncheck the items, as noted above. You can recheck them if you find there is something you really want or need.

    Then go to google and type Lavasoft AdAware. Go to the site and find the free version of this program, download and install it, and run it. Remove all spyware it finds [it makes a sound when it finds things that are to be removed].

    As far as registry cleaners are concerned, my advice is to leave it alone, at least until you get more familiar with what goes on with your computer, as you can easily mess up the registry and then where are you?

    Finally, click my computer, right click local drive c, click properties, in the dialog box, click tools, find disk defragmenter, and defragment now. You'll get a considerable boost from that alone, and with stopping programs from running on startup and cleaning out spyware, you should be running pretty well.

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    Another reason your computer could be slowing up is the hard drive is getting full or needs you to perform Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter.

    Don't forget to clean up any spyware and make sure you don't have any viruses.

    All those icons in the bottom right (the system tray) are programs that are loaded and running in the background. You may find that there are programs running and tieing up resources and you really don't use or need them. Be careful and don't remove any programs you may need to properly operate your computer.

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    If you have less than 1gb of RAM, it may be worth thinking about an upgrade.

    To stop unwanted programs starting with Windows, open your Start menu, click Run, and type "msconfig". Click the startup tab and untick everything you dont need. That should be almost everything, except maybe virus protection software. Also check the Startup folder in your Start menu and delete any shortcuts you find there.

    If you need malware removal programs, Google the names Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D, and download them both. They're both free.

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    do in order until it gets better

    run "disk defragmenter" its on the start menu a folder after the one paint is in

    try "disk cleanup" in the same derectory

    scan you hd for malishis code "virises that kinda thing" the derectory is dependent on your scanner (if you dont have

    one go to )

    if nothing else get more ram

    ram is plug and play on both desktops and laptops


    first refer to your owners manual to see which type will fit

    buy ram the largest capasity you can

    unplug your pc and hit the power button

    open the case remember to touch a medel part the hole time to prevent shocking yourself and damageing your computer

    put your ram in the slot the way they fit

    close the case

    plug in the pc turn it on

    if still nothing your computer is old outdated crap (you need a new prosseser and you shouldent do that yourself) best to buy a new one and just pull that new ram out of your old pc and put it in your new one (you wont need it yet but its more space you could use later)


    theres two doors on the back of you laptop the long rectangular one is ram go get a large capasity ram chip bigger than the one inside allredy (you can only have one) put it in and if that doesnt work your laptop is old get a new one becouse its just too outdated.

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    There is a free program called regcleaner.exe. Download & run it. It gets rid of files that your computer doesn't need. I would also download & run Spybot Search & Destroy (another free program). Good luck.

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    Type in format...from windows..... no don't..just kidding...

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