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Why do grls like to use us guys? Why no good relationship?

I'd like very much to find a grl, 17-28, for a good relationship. But don't want to be used.

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    all girls and womens are not like the females you bump head with so you need to do a back ground check like ask around have anyone of you'll ever been involved with her looks for clues and signs just be careful good luck

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    Guys use girls as well, so it goes both ways. The rule is DON'T let yourself to be used and no one can use you. Get it? The answer is a simple one. Do only what you feel is right and never allow another person to take more than you are willing to give...this way, you won't feel used. This is my works! Good Luck!

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    Love is the answer to everything. All you ever need is love,

    communication and understanding. That's what I figured out so

    far. If you are down, you need to get up and start doing something with

    your life. Don't need to be shy, be straight forward and allways say what

    you want and expect from the others.


    If you have the time, and you are looking for someone, complete this simple

    form and start dating.


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    maybe they like to be taken out, a bit of excitement, we need a bit of the chase too.dont give up the first time other wise she'll know you just want to use her.Works both ways too yknow!!! Its all about those bloody mind games!!!

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    hey im a girl, and i would never use a guy, thats wrong so dont just jump to conclusions that all or even most girls use guys, cause we dont...

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