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Are previous judgements discharged in a bankruptcy filing?

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    It depends on what the judgment is for. Judgments on student loans and punitive damages for a DUI accident are two examples of judgments that would not be discharged. Most judgments would be.

    Please seek the advice of a lawyer in your area.

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    Hi Marty

    Depends on what they were. I'm not sure of all the parameters but some judgements by the government are never discharged. Student loans are not discharged either. There may be more.

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    They will have to be officially discharged, so they will have to be listed and approved by the judge. The people with the judgement do have a right to object and have a hearing on thier specific debt.

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    Typically only if you claim them in your bankruptcy and on what type of bankruptcy you are filing. Check with an attorney in your area who specializes in bankruptcy and see what they tell you.

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    Depends on the state/prov. you are in. If you have a previous agreement to pay w/o penalty, it may be tough to get it discarded.

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    Possibly. You should talk to an attorney.

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    only if your attorney does motions to avoid them. be sure and ask.

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