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Is the flu virus a live?

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    a virus is not technically a living organism. rather, it is a set of genetically coded instructions surrounded by what they call a protein shell. a virus attacks a cell and injects the ''instructions'' into the nucleus of the cell. the nucleus then starts to follow those instructions--to create more viruses. eventually, the body fights back with antibodies from the lymph nodes, which is why yuo get sore while fighting off the flu. it also causes your temperature to rise because your immune system is now working overtime to combat the invading viruses.

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    Diseases are caused by two different things virus an bacteria. The big difference is bacteria can be treated by antibiotics. Viruses are need vaccine. Both can mutate and change.

    I am wondering if you are asking about the vaccine for the flu. The answer is no, vaccines are usually dead although sometimes they are just weakened viruses. The idea is for your body to identify the virus and build antibodies for it. Since there are so many different types of flu, the vaccine is the most common type expected for that year. That's why you may get the vaccine but get sick with the "flu" anyway.

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    In the first place, a virus is NOT a cell. An incomplete cell maybe, but definitely not a cell.

    Biologists are still trying to figure out whether or not a virus is really alive.

    But a virus is still is half a stick of dynamite.

    A virus can mutate from one person to another, or from one animal to another. As a virus reproduces in a different host, it can mutate into a different strain of the same virus.

    No antibiotic is effective against viruses.

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    the flu virus is not condsidered living because it depends on host cells for reproduction and does not meet the other requirements of living cells it is considered acellular and a parasite

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    Yeah, of course, the flu virus is a cell, and all cells are alive. Humans are made up of cells.

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    yes,its grows in its host body-human or animal-it is a living,replicating,constantly mutating organism.(hence,various "strains").

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