God created all the races of the world on the 6th day.?

God gave them dominion over all the fish and fowls and everthing that moves on the earth. God rested on the 7th day. On the 8th day God FORMED Adam and out of Adam's DNA, (rib/curve, as the curve of the Double Helix) , Eve was FORMED. Out of this Formation came the future line of the Hebrews and Israelites. Dueteronomy 32:8 states (....when HE separated the son's of Adam, HE set the bounds of the people....). Also Genesis 10:5 states.."By these were the isles of the GENTILES, (non-hebrew/israelite), divided in THEIR lands........." .Now my question is to Serious Bible Students and Scholars, do you agree that...Cain married one of the 6th day creation? But of course all are welcome, just goes to say.


I take it back.This question is for SERIOUS Bible Students and Scholars. Am sure there are a few out there. With these answers, no wonder the secular world scoffs at Christains and the Bible. God help us!!

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    Ok people time for another lecture about idoditic therories.

    God made the Heavens and the Earth on the Sixth day . Also the Garden of Eden and ADAM . Adam asked for some company and God created a female out of the dust of the Earth just like Adam was. and they were to much alike that they could not get along . Adam asked God for a different mate that would be more compliant to his wishes and EVE was created . After the first mate was removed from the Garden she met other tribes outside of the Garden . so much for ADAM and EVE beinng the First prople on Earth. The first of their race yes. the Isrealites.. After ADAM and EVE were escorted out of theGarden for eating of the fruit of the tree of the Knowledge of GOOD and EVIL. GOD gave them garments of skins.And they also met other races out side of the Garden.

    Have you heard of the theroy of simutanious creation. Yes they may have all spoken the same langue but not have been of the same skin color.

    God Told ADAM and EVE because of their transgression they would have to till the soil for their sustanece.

    That was what ADAM was doing on the eighth day working the fields to grow a crop of food.

    Cain married his twin sister and moved near to the spot where he killed his brother ABLE.This was while ADAM and EVE were still in the GARDEN.

    Appearently you are not a serious bible student as you would not have gotten the story mixed up by jumping from one book to another instead of reading the story of Gensis( the Old TESTAMENT )out of order to try and prove a non existant point.

    The word Gentiles does not apear in the bible untile the New testament. near the Acession of Christ. Who told them to remember and keep his works and deeds true and pure until the day comes that the Jewish people reconsise him as their true Messiah and savior.

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    God created Adam and Eve on the sixth "day". He did not create races. He created one human family and from that one human family or race, sprung all the people of the world and all the generations hence. Good night! For Cain to marry someone from the sixth "day" he would have to marry Eve. Obviously as humans started multiplying like rabbits, the known world got populated. That is where Cain got his wife. Now here is something to think about: Bible thumpers like to force down our throats that if you are a true believer, then you have to believe that God created every thing in six 24 hour days. Pure dumb. What was created on the first day? An unknown (to us) light source. That was the source with which the days began to be numbered, not the sun. The sun was not created until the fourth day and God had already started counting days by that other light source, "days" before the sun was even created. There was evening and morning alright but according to that unknown light source. Man did not show up until the sixth one of these days. Everything so far is from God's perspective. Man's perspective didn't start until the sixth day. Man's perspective is that a day is 24 hours. We really don't know God's perspective on this because he frankly doesn't say. However, careful unbiased study of the Genesis account leads you to the conclusion that the God days were not 24 hours of our time. A different light source measured His day; the sun measures ours. You can get a feel for those God days when He SPROUTED all the vegetation on the surface of the earth. And the earth was just there, covered with an abyss worth of water and darkness. First day doesn't take place until the light source is created. Evening and Morning made the first day. Yet the earth was sitting their waste and womb-like before the light was created that measured the first day. Before the light there was no instrument to measure the first day. The earth was before. We know that God created the earth, but we are never given a complete picture. However, one thing is certain. God's days were not based on the sun as our days are. Something definitely to think about. Not that this makes a hill of beans in a Chinese restaurant, but if it floats your boat, sail with it. Mixed metaphor. Smile.

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    6th Day Of Creation

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    No Cain did not marry one of the sixth day people there were only two formed on that day. Adam and Eve had many children, but God only allowed us to know 3 of them. The different races didn't start until Noah. Gen. 9:1, and Gen. 9:18-29.

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    God did not create all races on the sixth day but He did create man. But, man did not become a living soul until some time after God rested, which was after the seventh day. So during the seven days of creation man and woman were created, but man and woman were not yet living souls.

    Source(s): The Holy Scriptures Genesis 1:27, 2:7 and 2:18-23
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    I like to think that God created different races with the Tower of Babel story. When people all found that they had different languages, they found others that spoke the same language, and they all went off into the world together and lived in a certain region. However, the reason that they have different skin colors is somewhat more scientific: adaptation. Black people in Africa have more melonin in their skin, therefore protecting them better from the sun than white people, who probably made bigger shelters, and lived in denser forests where there was more shade. Make sense?

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    The metaphors in the bible are such babble that speculation is nothing more than ignorance

    the bible is not CLEAR on anything it states and being that this "supposed to be a "holy" text. You think it would be clear on more things then the commandments.

    Therefore, there is no way to truly speculate on the above, any assumption woul dbe false

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    NO NO NO!

    People at one time were one race with one language.

    They attepted to build a tower to heaven. Known as Babel in a place now called Iraq. God got mad.

    He came down and made everyone speak a different language and this scared them all so much they all fled into diffeent directions and all grew in different settings which changed the way they are.

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    We are all children of Adam and Eve. And yes, after the fall, and after Cain was sent away after killing his brother Abel, he did marry one of his family members. If you have any questions about this I know of a web site that you can look at.

    Source(s): www.answersingenesis.com
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    Cain married an ape like women called human, from there the Hebrew and Israelites blood line came, the ape like humans were taught by the blood line, that is why God flooded them, they ran rampant, like apes

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