anybody know where i can find korean classes in BK!?!? u can see, im like obsesed with korean music and drama right now!! i jus cant stop listenin to it and watchin korean drama!! im like addicted to it right now....i would like to be half korean and that is why i would like to learn korean right now!! so if any of u ppzl now where i could go learn korean in brooklyn...plzzzz tell me!!! kamsamida(thank you)!!

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    lol! im half korean! OMG! i am like so obsessed with korean music! im like, singing a song in korean at school, and my friends are like,''What are you saying???'' lol. but im so sorry. I dont know a place that you can learn korean in Brooklyn. surf the internet. But good luck! GO KOREANS!! me-an-hae-yo (sorry) say that all together. Unless you already knew that. :)

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    I'm not from Brooklyn, but I would check at the community colleges to see if they have any korean classes.

    I found some videos on youtube:

    Youtube thumbnail


    (you're welcome)

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