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Does the fdcpa protect me if i own a buisness?

I own a buisness and have an account with Accor hotesl, after a stay in Ohio we recived a bill that was not right after a month of not reciving any call back ABOUT OUR ACCOUNT i got a call from a collector acting like an atterney. He was very rude and would not mail me any thing and would not give me an address to send a dispute letter to. So i then called the owner of the collection agency who told me they could do what every they wanted that because i own a buisness I was npt protected by the fair debt collection practices act. is this true ? I told him i was paying accor directly and he told me that if i did that they could sue me for addinal cost, for paying a debt to the person due the money is this right? does the law not have guide lines for buisness to buisness debt?

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    With commercial collections, there is no FDCPA protection.

    I would suggest that you contact your lawyer and let them handle the original creditor and the collection agency.

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    Idon't think the FDCPA covers you if it was a busiiness trip. However, you don't have to pay the agency, you can pay the hotel directly. If the bill was incorrect I'd write a letter to the hotel telling them why you think it was wrong and include a check for the amount you think it should be. Explain to them you know you're in collections but can't seem to find a decent collector to speak with, and ask them to contact you and explain the additonal amount. That way you're not avoiding your debt, and you won't be black listed from the hotels.

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