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Potty training?

My almost 4 yrs. old son will not go to the potty. He has done it, so I know he knows how, he would just rather pee or poop on himself than go. he's been wearing underwear for over a year, but he just won''t do it. I tell him to tell me when he has to go, but he stays in his room until I go to check on him and found what he's done. Help me.

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    My nephew had a similar problem. I began taking care of him and what I did was get a regular baking timer. I initially set it for every 20 minutes and had him go to the bathroom. The entire process. As he progressed I lengthened the time. After a week of this he began going on his own. The problem was that he didn't want to stop whatever he was doing in order to go to the bathroom. He had to learn that it was necessary. He didn't always do something when I took him but sometimes he did. The main thing was teaching him the importance of going no matter what he was involved with at the moment.

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    Here's a trick I used to train my Friends little boy, who was reluctant like your son. Buy some Cheerios, or other round Shaped colorful cereal. Take him into the bathroom with a small handful toss them into the toilet and help him to pull his pants down and tell him to aim in the bowl and try to hit the little O's. He'll think its a game practice !!! after he's done tell him what a good job he did. and that you are so proud of him Clap your hands ! Do this for about a week and each time he'll get positive reinforcement from you...then slowly run out of cheerios. Maybe scatter 2 or three....for the next week within a few weeks he'll have developed the habit. If he asks for the cereal or he won't go just tell him you'll get some next time at the store if he continues to to a good job going! Tell him how proud you are that he is acting like such a big boy! It works ....good luck!

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    I had trouble with my son too. I got him to go with rewards. I would give him a couple of M&M's every time he would go to the potty. Within a week or so he was going all the time and adventually I didn't have to give him the candy anymore. I also did the Cheerio's target thing and I think that helped. Hope this comes of some help.


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    Why has he been wearing underwear for a year if he's not potty trained? Sounds like you "jumped the gun" and decided he was potty trained before he was really ready to be so. Get used to washing out his underwear until he is ready.

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    if he wont tell u then every onec in a while make him sit on the potty till he goes to the bathroom

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    He might be intimidated or threatened by you. Or he is frustrated and doesn't know how to express it. My baby sitters were blockheads and I drove them crazy for it in my own unique way.

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